“Marie Dalgar”was founded by Cui Xiaohong, the new artistic makeup leader in China. Since the 2006 trans-boundary art exhibition, she had insisted on her dream target: Help Chinese ladies find their own unique beauty.

   After long time observation, she found that many women were not happy with the fact “why my eyelashes are only 3mm?”How to make eyelashes thick and long as feather fan,had been always her target.

   Cui Xiaohong did many researches on improving Asian women’s eyelashes, finally in 2006 she found out the passport to perfect eyelashes effect——Marie Dalgar brought the world's first grafting Mascara!

   This mascara was for the makeup effect of “300%lenth,700%thick,45°natural curl”, made the Chinese ladies crazy, and kept a record of 1 sale in 15 seconds!

   From then on, Marie Dalgar continued her legend, helped more ladies find their own beauty.