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Exposing the dangers of Metal Halide Lights .

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On November 12th, 2004, my wife Kellie and approximately 80 other teachers were exposed to UV radiation from a broken Philips Lighting type "R" Metal Halide light bulb during an in-service training session in a local school gym. Many ended up in emergency rooms that evening with burns to their eyes and exposed skin. Kellie and I want to get the word out about the dangers of exposure to Ultraviolet Light from broken type "R" Metal Halide Bulbs. To that end we have collected links to articles and warnings from the media, government agencies, and others.   Please visit these sites to learn more about the accident and the dangers these lights can pose..

  One thing that is not mentioned in these reports is that at this time, over 4 years after the accident, five teachers are still suffering the effects of their exposure. Their recovery is uncertain, but we are hopeful. The driving force behind this effort is we don't want anyone to have to endure the pain and suffering these teachers have. Please help us by sending a link to this site to your child’s school, your warehouse manager, or anyone you might think works or plays under these types of lights. Together we can keep this from happening to others..

 If you or someone you know has been  injured by UV radiation from a broken metal halide light please contact us and tell your story. This is not an isolated incident. The more we know the better we can prevent other injuries.


On June 11th, 2007  Oregon Governor Ted Kulongoski signed SB 479 into law banning type R metal Halide lights from Oregon Schools! Kellie and Joel La Follette look on and celebrate this victory! Kellie had just returned from the Boston Foundation for Sight and her new scleral lenses allowed her to attend the ceremony.

Help us get the word out!

We will be adding information as it becomes available. Please check back!

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